Reduce Your Carbon Emissions With Strategic Planning

360 Carbon Excellence is not another data platform but a remarkable tool to create a roadmap for you to reduce carbon emissions.


Achieving Net Zero Can Be Challenging & Feel Impossible

Have you decided to work on your organization’s carbon emissions, but find the execution daunting?  Struggling with where to start? Don’t know how to use the data you have to create a plan of action?

Not just that, but when you tried to get your team on board, members weren’t educated enough about the topic making it hard for them to understand what to do next.

Furthermore, for those in the know, they can’t identify progress or clearly evident immediate returns. Ultimately, hurting your emissions reduction mission and potentially your role. 

Leaving you with nothing to show for your efforts and nothing to appease those demanding stakeholders.

So, what should you do?

Check your data and reduce your dependency on fossil fuels?

But then how will you keep up with the increasing organization and consumer demands?

And above all, how would you maintain control over the supply chain, which is outside your control? It’s complicated.

But who said it has to be this way?

Introducing 360 Carbon Excellence

A much-needed software platform that empowers organizations to reduce their carbon emissions, with fail-proof planning. Here are the game-changing benefits of reducing emissions for your business:

  • Boost your business reputation by adopting environmentally friendly practices
  • Attract the 32% of consumers who are willing to pay more to companies with a reduced carbon footprint.
  • Reduce your operational costs by cutting energy costs.
  • Attract investors who are focused on the same mission you are.

In our 25 years, we’ve cracked the code on

How To Help You Achieve Emission Reductions

Step-by-Step Plan

We will help you create an easy-to-follow plan about everything you can do to reduce emissions….tailored to your organization.

Communicate Effectively

Share your reduction journey confidently with stakeholders to boost trust.

Reduce Disruption

Our program guides your team and helps senior management understand and invest by keeping them updated about what has been done, and the steps you need to move forward…

You are boosting clarity, engaging your workforce and reducing your turnover rate.

Boost Consistency

We understand the hardest part is motivating your employees to take consistent actions.

That’s why we make the execution fun by gamifying the process and adding exciting rewards to keep them pumped.

Here Are The Game Changing Benefits Of  Reducing Emissions For Your Business


Boost your business reputation by adopting environmentally friendly practice


Attract 32% of consumers who are willing to pay more to companies with a reduced carbon footprint


Reduce your operational cost by reducing energy


Attract investors who are on the same mission as you


Contribute to the planet’s health with a battle-tested plan


Stay ahead of your competitors using the carbon footprint edge

Corporate Carbon Strategy

Carbon Tax Calculator

This form is an estimation if the user does nothing to improve their carbon footprint.

Why 360 Carbon Excellence

We are aware of many other businesses offering similar services to us. So, why should you choose our software?

Well, simply put, we don’t leave you with complex data that you can’t use effectively.

Instead, we help you craft an efficient plan tailored to your organization. That takes all the guesswork out of the equation. So, you can execute and achieve your carbon reduction mission effortlessly.

Who Is Carbon Excellence For?

We’ve put our heart and soul into this software.

So, before you proceed further make sure you tick one of the boxes below.

This software IS for you if:


You’re passionate about making a difference and reducing emissions


You will be consistent in your efforts


You’re willing to put in the time and effort to follow the plan

This software IS NOT for you if:


You don’t care about making a business impact


You don't have time and don’t like to follow a plan



Samuel, Son & Co.

“Samuel is committed to implementing best practices and exploring new programs to meet our energy optimization objectives and carbon footprint reductions. The 360 Carbon Excellence program lays out a roadmap of actionable steps we can take to improve our sustainable  (consider “energy and carbon reduction) practices. The program will give us an action plan and reporting benchmarks, visible throughout our organization, ensuring we have engagement at all levels of the organization.” – John Lennartz, P.Eng, CEM Vice President  Environment, Energy & Real Estate 

Durez Canada

Like most manufacturing companies, Durez has a regular requirement to report our carbon reduction activities and progress to our internal team and external stakeholders. To assist in this process and help prioritize reduction activities, Durez has enrolled in the 360 Carbon Excellence Program. The program provides a long-term guide of measurable activities as we work towards our carbon reduction goals. Participating in the program allows Durez to download a progress report of our activities measured against our objectives for team members, management and external stakeholders at any time. We are also able to anonymously compare our carbon reduction progress against the progress of all other participants in the 360 Carbon Excellence program – Robert Hunt Plant Manager

So, if you qualify for our software…

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Why do I need to book a meeting first, can I not buy the software immediately?

We don’t believe in the cookie-cutter approach. That’s why our software is a  customized solution for your organization. We request you book a meeting first.


Is Net Zero Possible?

For some organizations, yes. For others no. Net Zero has become a buzzword. Carbon Neutral is a more realistic goal depending on our industry.


What Makes 360 Carbon Excellence Different?

We are not a data repository, but a management program that rewards you and provides your organization with a customized roadmap to reach your goals!


How will this increase my bottomline ?

We provide ready-to-use and easy-to-understand documentation for your stakeholders to help with investors and consumer reporting. Starting your journey to carbon reduction now, will continuously reduce your energy spending and improve your bottom line. You will also become a preferred partner for other organizations to seek out in the futureCarbon Management = Business Longevity.

Learn More About Carbon



Learn about the new regulations in Canada that require businesses to disclose their carbon emissions and climate-related risks. Banks, trust and insurance companies will also require their clients to report CO2 emissions and risks in order to comply with the regulations.

Is Canada’s Power Grid Future-friendly?

Is Canada’s Power Grid Future-friendly?

Net-Zero carbon procurement is best approached with the following pillars. Obtaining the best value for the price, climate-friendly goods and services, suppliers aligned with net-zero targets, and the particular buyer’s strategic goals.

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